The future of work consists of collaboration, integration and preparation

Finally, a robotic training solution for Educators, designed by Educators!

Mount, wire, program, fabricate, calibrate, teach, plan, develop and plug & produce, all while having fun & competing, making your own real manufacturing cell.

Imagine -> Educate -> Integrate

Our ROOTS concept is to start with a blank slate, have various components at the students fingertips; having them heavily involved with assembly, calibration, programming & maintenance of an ADVANCED MANUFACTURING robotic work cell.

The Robotically Operated Open Training System is an engineered, customized approach that freely allows build and teardown, imagination and integration.

Each level will educate Students and Instructors about science, technology and engineering within the world of manufacturing to better understand Industry 4.0 and create Employee 4.0.

the problem

Working in advanced manufacturing requires a broad understanding of the factory’s processes; strategic training utilizing hardware and software will create a diverse base of innovators and problem-solvers.

the solution

Developed to take Student 4.0 to Employee 4.0. We build beyond on the 1 dimensional approach of programming and excel the student’s learning by implementing a 5E, 3 dimensional approach to configuring, installing and programming.

Implementing this concept in your school system will bridge the gap between our local industry and the competencies of our future workforce by ensuring the skills evolution is being addressed.

The ROOTS meets these demands with:

1. Project Based Learning, simulating manufacturing processes and problem solving skills in the real world

2. Open interfaces which conform to industrial standards

3. Plug & produce methods

4. Motivating, practical project exercises

5. Flexible robot cells to industry standards

6. Onsite Training and Installation oversight

7. Customized curriculum for your customized design

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our philosophy

The ROOTS program exposes and immerses students at all levels of study to the forefront of Industry 4.0 through the proven 5E project based model of Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation.

ENGAGEMENT: Establishing the "Why?" behind Industry 4.0.

EXPLORATION: Utilizing cobots and industrial components to establish manufacturing processes and solve real world industry problems.

EXPLAINATION: Providing a clear concise methodology for strategic manipulation of the cobots and people in various manufacturing settings.

ELABORATION: Development of multiple pathways to achieve the desired manufacturing demand.

EVALUATION: Demonstrating all established learning targets are achieved with precision, accuracy, and detailed communication.

4 levels to propel students:

STAGING: At this level this entry level students will become familiar with the robotics through the curriculum and skills testing. Instructors follow a step-by-step program to bring robotics into their programs. Typically Middle School Level

LAUNCH: At this beginner level students enjoy the practical knowledge of integrating and programming basic industrial components with a Collaborative Robot. Instructors follow a step-by-step program and can add competition with the flexibility and ease of the system. Typically High School Level

ORBIT: At this level, aspiring Professionals will perform simulations and hands-on robotic training with personal expert instruction and a curriculum full of engaging industrial driven task. With an expert at your site giving guidance, students will have an in-depth understanding of bringing the system to life. Typically Vocational School Level

MISSION: This level will introduce [undergraduate] students to content and MULTIPLE robotic packages with industrial PLC/HMI networking tools and peripherals that could make a contribution to their field, has immediate benefits to the students, faculty, institution, and potentially the industry. With an expert at your site giving guidance, students will have an in-depth understanding of bringing multiple systems to life, integrating external devices and networking all devices for smart manufacturing. Typically Undergraduate Level

case studies

Manatee Technical College

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Suncoast Technical College


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